The Council of Academic Deans from Research Education Institutions (CADREI) is an assembly of deans of education from research and land grant institutions throughout North America. The purpose of this Council and its affiliates is the preparation of education personnel in all its phases and the discussion and formulation of plans, policies, and programs to make the member institutions of the Council more effective in their work. CADREI is a non-profit, apolitical organization.

Originally named the Association of Colleges and Schools of Education in State Universities and Land Grant Colleges and Affiliated Private Universities, the organization has grown to more than 150 members. One of the newest members, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, now extends the reach of CADREI to a North American status. A large percentage of the organizations members are also members of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), dedicated to high quality professional preparation for teachers and school administrators. The Carnegie Corporation also designates nine CADREI member institutions as “Teachers for a New Era” (TNE) institutions.

Will Your Institution’s Voice Be Heard on DACA?
Please review the following information regarding an initiative supported by AACTE to support Dreamers (DACA).  If interested in signing onto the letter that is mentioned, please note that instructions are embedded in the second paragraph.

College Strategic Plans and Notes on Strategic Planning of CADREI Institutions


CADREI signs onto the coalition statement on the teacher preparation program regulations released by the federal Department of Education.