CADREI Mission

The Council of Academic Deans from Research Education Institutions (CADREI), believe our institutional responsibilities rest on four premises:

      • Equitable access to high quality education is the cornerstone of a just society;
        • The survival of a free society depends on the effectiveness of its education system;
          • Education is essential to the enhancement of professional preparation;
            • The educational profession requires the development of effective partnerships with those we serve.

        Accordingly, CADREI commits itself to:

        • High standards of student selection and professional preparation;
        • The conduct of inquiry and scholarship on learning, teaching, education, and related areas;
        • The improvement of instruction in professional education programs;
        • Enhancement of institutional capacity for research and dissemination;
        • The application of the results of scholarship in all professional preparation and service programs;
        • The improvement of education through efforts to influence policy and develop collaborative relationships with others.