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Protesting the rhetoric and actions coming out of Washington, and pressing instead for research-based policies and democratic ideals, over 200 education deans last Wednesday released “Our Children Deserve Better: A Call to Resist Washington’s Dangerous Vision for U.S. Education.” Endorsed by 17 national education organizations, the statement reminds us that, “A half-century ago, in one of the most significant periods of education reform in the United States, the Civil Rights Movement and the War on Poverty envisioned the federal government as a protector of civil rights and an advocate of funding equity. Tragically, since the 1980s both Democratic and Republican administrations, with bipartisan support in Congress, have increasingly betrayed this legacy and focused instead on deregulation, privatization, and the rapid expansion of school choice.” The deans call for three things:

– Protect and nurture our children, do not abandon them
– Empower our educators, do not undermine them
– Invest in our public schools, do not privatize them (from media release of the Institute of Public Advocacy)

KEVIN KUMASHIRO, [in D.C.] kevin at, @kevinkumashiro
Kumashiro is former dean of the School of Education at the University of San Francisco, is founder and chair of Education Deans for Justice and Equity, which organized the statement.  Our Executive Board voted in September to sign onto the statement on behalf of CADREI.  Please click on the link to read the statement and the list of supporters.